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About Us

Fitfire Consumer Private Limited
a new age FMCG Brand.

Nutri Binge was created by Fitfire Consumer Private Ltd with a mission of helping India access affordable, healthy food. Nutri Binge has products which are natural, free of additives and rich in nutritious value at an affordable value. Our dream is to see every Indian household consume nutritious dry fruits as a part of their daily diet.

We believe that good food is an important part of our Superhero journey in our professional and personal lives for us and our families. While we are on our journey to actualize our dreams and become the best version of ourselves, Nutri Binge serves to be our nutrition partner along the way.

We will continue to strive towards bringing our customers delight by introducing healthy nuts, seeds and trail mixes that will help fulfil their nutritional needs.Why-because When good food is Nutri-Binged everyday, it Nutri-Charges you to Nutri-Build your life.