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The Nutritional Benefits of Dried Fruits for Hair

by Rounik Saha on Jan 23, 2024

Dried fruits are a powerhouse of various nutrients that are beneficial for hair health and growth. Here are a few hair healthy nutrients present in different Dry fruits.

Iron:  Iron is useful for crucial blood circulation in the body to all cells including Hair follicles. The Oxygen transportation to the scalp helps in nourish the hair follicles and maintaining Hair health. Iron is useful in the production of collagen,the protein instrumental in maintaining the structure of hair.

Dried fruits rich in Iron are raisins, cashews and almonds


Antioxidants promote cell health and prevent Oxidative stress to cell linings. Am ambient environment for Hair follicles is important for Hair strength and grrowth.

Dry fruits rich in Antioxidants are raisinscashews and almonds.


Proteins are not only the building blocks of our body but also our hair. Our hair is rich in keratin which is a form of Protein. Lack of Protein makes our hair brittle and weak. Dry fruits as we all know are an easy source of Protein.

Dry Fruits rich in protein are Walnuts, Pistachios, Cashews and almonds.


Copper stimulates blood flow for the hair and is known for helping the hair elasticity and building collagen. 

Kaju, Badaam and raisins  contain high amount of copper.


Did you know that Zinc deficiency is associated with Hair loss. Zinc is pivotal for hair health.

Dry fruits rich in zinc and Kaju and Badaam.

While Dry Fruits are beneficial for hair health, please note that Dry fruits remain a part of your holistic diet. It’s also important to note that alopecia, Dry hair and other issues may be because of other underlying health issues and may need expert consultation.

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